The SHOP includes selected topics that TRENDDESK is presently sharing with its clients. Each topic can be covered by a stimulating presentation (Trend Briefing) or a workshop (PlayShop). Content and flow will be customized according to your needs. Of course, it is also possible to deep dive into a particular topic of your interest. Please inquire.


  • Bird’s Eye View of Turkey

    Bird’s Eye View of Turkey

    This is an overview of the Turkish market and consumer habits for foreign companies wishing to start or expand their...

  • Yummy Futures

    Yummy Futures

    Deep dive into how future trends shape the food industry, including production, distribution, and consumption. Trends shaping food today and in...

  • Beyond Pink

    Beyond Pink

    GDP-booster for economists, rising consumer segment for marketers, a new spirit for designers – Women are in the spotlight. It...

  • The Future of Luxury

    The Future of Luxury

    Radical changes in the last decade reshaped the concept of luxury, changing its present and future forever. The barriers that...

  • Pack-Age


    As package becomes a key factor shaping purchasing decisions, the need to understand packaging trends gets more vital. Pack-Age covers...

  • Green 2.0

    Green 2.0

    The book “Silent Spring”, by Rachel Carson (1962), was the first spark in environmentalism. After taking baby steps for almost half...

  • Bio-What?!


    “Bio-What?!” is an entry-level presentation that provides an introduction to the discipline of biomimicry. In less than 2 hours, participants...

  • Genius in Your Backyard

    Genius in Your Backyard

    “Genius in Your Backyard” is a unique combination of presentations, games, exercises, and guided tours in nature, through which the...

  • Coop-Era


    Spirit of cooperation is rising. Many factors, including the financial crisis, environmental degradation and democratization of information are feeding this...

  • Digital Health

    Digital Health

    Digitalization is leading to a radical shift from the “last century” or conventional health system. A new paradigm is emerging. Consumer needs and demands...

  • Experience Economy

    Experience Economy

    Marketing has never been the same since Pine & Gilmore’s “The Experience Economy”. First FMCG, then durable goods companies have...

  • Serious Games

    Serious Games

    In a world of attention deficit, gamification is becoming the tool to engage with consumers. Gamification does not mean creating...