Future Trends


TRENDDESK defines trend as a major current that shapes the way we live and conduct business in the next 3-5 years – i.e., the most crucial time frame for a majority of businesses, large or small. As Yogi Berra wisely observed, “it is hard to make predictions, especially about the future.” Rather than make long-term predictions, we extrapolate current realities based on relevant pointers upon the horizon. We go beyond fads and refrain from futurism.


TRENDDESK follows a well-defined methodology that identifies and monitors future trends. The process consists of three components:

1- Close monitoring: Through its relationships with international trend professionals, through participation in international conferences as both attendee and speaker, and thanks to its presence in San Francisco, TRENDDESK keeps a close eye on what is happening in developed markets. We maintain a continuously growing pool of trends, expanding both horizontally and vertically.

2- Influx of insights and foresights: We benefit from a continuous influx of information from other trend consultancies, research companies, sector-specific news, and social and legal updates. These resources help us extrapolate the direction of consumption and business in the coming years.

3- Synthesis: We synthesize information and make it useful for our clients. In a world of abundant information, trend business is about pinpointing the relevant trends in a specific context and facilitating their translation to ideas that build brands and businesses.


TRENDDESK creates customized reports, presentations (Trend Briefings) and workshops (PlayShops). We do not anything off-the-shelf. Each project – whether an hour-long Trend Briefing or a full-day PlayShop – starts with an understanding of the context. This approach is what makes TRENDDESK a boutique consultancy firm.

Trend Briefing is a fast-paced presentation meant to provoke thinking. It can feature multiple trends or focus on a single one, depending on the client’s needs. Content includes numerous symptoms from several sectors (e.g., products, services, business models, marketing initiatives, etc.). Each symptom shows specifically how a trend can be integrated into a business.

PlayShop is a unique workshop developed by TRENDDESK over many years of ideation exercises and studies of several tools. It starts with a Trend Briefing and continues with structured ideation sessions. The objective of the PlayShop is to foment participants’ creativity. The outcome of the PlayShop is a collection of specific ideas that are triaged and classified according to client’s business priorities, and readied for further refinement. The rich content, the ideation tools and the flow are strongly embraced by management teams in particular. Primary participants include senior executives as well as strategic planning, marketing, new business development, innovation, and R&D teams.

Special Projects: Sometimes, management teams need more than just ideas. They seek detailed answers and solutions to specific questions. Such questions can range from “How do we survive in a new business field?” to “What kind of customer experience should we offer at our new flagship store?” or “How do we strengthen our innovation process?”. In order to come up with the best answers, we use our combined expertise in future trends and biomimicry, and leverage our collective marketing background and corporate experience. As part of this process, we tap into a diverse set of disciplines such as anthropology, biology, architecture, and design.