Zeynep Arhon (Founder & Director), MBA
San Francisco and Istanbul

Zeynep Arhon is an innovation consultant based in Istanbul and San Francisco. Her company, TRENDDESK, spurs business innovation for a changing world by leveraging a unique combination of future and nature. Predicting what is to come in the next 3-5 years, identifying how to best integrate future foresights into business, and answering business questions with solutions inspired by nature are at the core of Zeynep’s work. Typical outcomes are new business models, innovative products and services, and brand platforms that break out from the clutter.

Zeynep contributes to the innovation thinking in Turkey with her monthly column in Platin business magazine, articles on İş’te Kobi portal targeting SMEs, Biomimicry Turkey platform, and book translations. Her corporate background includes strategic leadership and brand management at The Coca-Cola Company and Eczacıbaşı conglomerate of Turkey. She holds an MBA and a BA Degree in International Relations & Political Science (Boğaziçi University, Istanbul). Finally, she is the first European graduate of the master’s level Biomimicry Professional Program at Biomimicry 3.8 Institute (Montana, U.S.). She has been the business instructor in the same program since 2011.

Zeynep believes in the power of business in shaping the future, and the power of nature in shaping business. She is enthusiastic about a new era when business will create conditions conducive to life. This belief and enthusiasm are the fuel of her work.

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Bobe Simovich, PhD
San Francisco

Based in Silicon Valley, Bobe’s interests and expertise is in technology and entrepreneurship. For the past 20 years, he has been developing and marketing cutting edge technologies for use in consumer electronics, communications, high-end computing, etc., in various capacities, as an engineer, executive and entrepreneur. He was a part of some of the industry’s landmark projects, working with companies such as Intel, NXP, Sony, Panasonic, Sun Microsystems, ST, Cadence, etc.

He’s currently CEO of Iberium Communications, Inc., a provider of semiconductor products for the communications market. During his career, Bobe has developed and marketed brand new technologies, started new ventures and conducted business with major technology companies in US, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Europe.

Thanks to Bobe, TRENDDESK is able to pinpoint early on technology trends at the place where they are born – Silicon Valley. This valuable collaboration enables us to keep a close eye on new technologies, new start-up companies in their infancy, acquisitions and mergers, venture capital investments, and most importantly understand the ubiquitous world of technology.

Iraz Polat, BA

Iraz is a brand consultant and lecturer based in Istanbul. Her experience and expertise is in branded content generation, customer experience design and brand strategy.

Iraz started her career at McCann Erickson as a strategic planner and later worked at as a marketing executive at Audi and Camper, where she has gained profound experience in life-style brand communications. Subsequently, her passion for both communications and design, led her to join Contemporary Istanbul (CI) – a leading art fair organization with a reputation for launching the most comprehensive art events in Turkey. At CI, Iraz developed collateral art exhibitions and cultural projects, managed the marketing communications team, and launched iconic magazine “ice”. This direct exposure to the art and design world gave her a unique perspective, further advancing her career with ‘i-am’ Associates, where she was in charge of developing cutting-edge customer experiences for the biggest brand names in Turkey, such as Mey / Diageo, Efes Pilsen and Currently, Iraz focuses on developing authentic customer experiences and improving brand-consumer dialogue at all customer touch points at “Pivot” – her strategic design company. She is also a lecturer at Istanbul Fashion Academy (IMA), where she teaches courses in fashion marketing and experiential marketing.

Iraz holds a B.A. degree in economics and a design culture & management certificate from Istanbul Bilgi University. Her educational background coupled with a decade long experience in industry, gives her a unique perspective on approaching challenges from both analytical and creative point of view.

Some of the things that Iraz brings to TRENDDESK are her highly-trained eye in depicting the most inspiring trend symptoms, a multi-disciplinary approach in creating brand concepts, and expertise in experience design.