‘Bio’ means life. ‘Mimicry’ means to emulate. ‘Biomimicry’ is learning from nature and then emulating its forms, processes, and ecosystems in order to create more sustainable designs. Some refer to it as a new innovation discipline, others a multidisciplinary field or sustainability ethos. The good thing is that biomimicry is all of these. It has a deep ethos at its center, yet it is practical. Companies, educators, innovators, and governments learn from nature in order to better serve consumers and citizens, minimize waste, build business, survive in the next crisis, and proactively prepare for a new future. Visit the GET INSPIRED section to learn more.


Zeynep Arhon, the founder of TRENDDESK, has been trained and accredited by Biomimicry 3.8 (Montana, US) – the global leader in biomimicry innovation consulting, professional training, and educational program and curricula development. As one of the first certified biomimicry professionals in the world, she possesses an in-depth insight into a vast body of knowledge and know-how created by Biomimicry 3.8 over the past decade. The knowledge and know-how include biological information about thousands of species, detailed case studies of biomimetic solutions, and most important, biomimicry methodology.

Zeynep continues to have a strong relationship with Biomimicry 3.8 as the business instructor in the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program. Consequently, TRENDDESK maintains a first-hand insight into new developments and resources in the field.


TRENDDESK’s biomimicry offering is tailored to each client’s specific level of knowledge, curiosity, and ambition.

For example, “Bio-What?!” is an entry-level presentation that provides an introduction to the discipline of biomimicry. In less than 2 hours, participants will get familiar with the approach, best practices, and a list of references for further inquiry. At that point, they will be equipped with adequate knowledge to make a decision on their continuing pursuit of biomimicry as an approach to innovation.

“Genius in Your Backyard” is a combination of presentations, games, exercises, and guided tours in nature, through which the participants learn about the biomimicry methodology and the ways to apply it. The focus of these activities is to reveal nature’s most important strategies. Participants consistently express delight at seeing this fresh new perspective on framing business problems, and at the new understanding of nature as a source of problem solving.

Special Projects: Frequently, after participating in one of the above, clients identify a specific problem that they want to solve using biomimicry. They then inquire with TRENDDESK about potential next steps. When we are unable to answer a client’s question using the resources at hand, we gather and lead teams of experts from around the world to address the issue. So far, we have faced and resolved several such issues, including “How do we survive in a new business field?”, “How do we innovate more effectively?”, and “Is small big in nature and what does it mean for our brand?”.