Added Value

TRENDDESK is a boutique innovation and marketing consultancy firm. Its mission is to spur business innovation and marketing creativity for a changing world. Through future trends and biomimicry, TRENDDESK helps management teams think in a fresh and broad-minded way. The outcome is new product ideas, business models, marketing initiatives, and brand platforms custom-suited to the times and ways to come.


The San Francisco Bay Area is a global hub for sustainability, technology, fundamental research, innovation and creativity. Here we work in close proximity to such distinguished institutions as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and California Academy of Sciences. In addition, we have close ties to Silicon Valley, the home of breakthrough technologies, new sustainable solutions, exciting start-ups, and established technology giants. We are in a unique position to identify emerging trends at their embryonic stages, extract the best practices from diverse set of sectors, and tailor them to business practices in Turkey, all in a timely fashion. The Turkish market is vibrant and growing. TRENDDESK brings decades of experience working for and with Turkish market leaders, making us intimately familiar with this business climate. For foreign companies seeking to enter or expand in the Turkish market, we are the consultancy firm to work with.

When to Call:

Over the years, we observed several patterns for engaging with clients. Typical scenarios when clients request our services are as follows.

  • You are seeking a starting point for the business planning process. You have market insights and data, but you want to bring in something different. You want your team to create really different ideas. Inquire about an extensive PlayShop that will cover several trends, tools, and ideation sessions.
  • You are searching for ways to enrich the innovation process in your company. You have a team of great people, and you want to stimulate them with examples from around the world, perhaps a few times a year. Periodic Trend Briefings or PlayShops will fit your need.
  • You want to learn about biomimicry as a part of corporate sustainability efforts, or perhaps, you are just curious about it. You are seeking knowledge that goes beyond basic online research. TRENDDESK is the source of certified expertise in this matter.
  • You have a specific project or a question in mind, and you need to “think the unthinkable”. You want to achieve a result that your sector hasn’t seen yet. TRENDDESK will use future trends and/or biomimicry to come up with fresh perspectives.
  • You have a specific sustainability project – for example, designing a bathroom that uses less water or a packaging solution that needs less material. TRENDDESK will gather and lead the best team of experts from its global network to come up with the optimal solution. The team is likely to include experts from diverse fields ranging from biology and design, to engineering and business. Inquire about specific projects.
  • You are planning to hold an important event, perhaps a press meeting or a trade conference. You are looking for ways to create a “wow” effect by going beyond the expected. Inquire about a unique presentation customized around the event theme.
Participants’ impressions about PlayShop:

  • It made me feel creative 82%

  • It elevated team creativity significantly 85%

  • It was a mind-opening experience 92%

  • The content was fresh and stimulating 91%

  • I would like to participate again 88%

  • I would recommend it to my colleagues 89%


It is always a pleasure to work with Zeynep given her ability to always contribute with a fresh, forward looking and strategic perspective. Whether she is delivering a trends outlook into year 2020, or a strategic consultancy on an unsolved marketing problem, or an inspiration from her unique and inspirational biomimicry work, she always manages to provoke new thinking and inspire action. She is very resourceful in making sense out of the complexity and uncertainty of the future. Zeynep combines her strong business acumen with her positive problem solving skills which definitely makes life easier for everyone even in the most challenging projects.”

Selin Kahraman, Eurasia and Africa Group Knowledge and Insights Manager at The Coca-Cola Company

The freshness, the creative spark, the inspiration Zeynep brings to any project is exceptionally fascinating! Through her tailor-designed, fast-paced Trend Briefings she manages to captivate her audience and plumb the wellspring of invention, each and every time. Her one-of-a-kind ideation format, the PlayShop, stimulates creativity within the whole team and gives birth to never-thought-of ideas that are executable and very much in touch with reality. In our latest project that we worked on together, Zeynep has created the fertile ground for us in designing a unique, strategic, future-oriented customer experience. I highly recommend her to those marketers and innovators who would like to go the extra mile to make both the revolutionary changes and nuanced tweaks required for success.”

Deniz Kalafat Uysal, Marketing Director at ING Insurance

We’ve worked with Zeynep during several projects over the years. She always did a great job in opening up our perspective – in each and every project. She was also instrumental in helping us develop new initiatives and executing them. TRENDDESK will continue to be a valuable business partner for Brisa in the future.”

Levent Akpulat, CMO at Brisa (İstanbul, Turkey)

Thanks to her perspective on business matters, Zeynep brings a creative spark and efficiency to all projects. She creates significant added value in all phases of innovation. This value is deeply rooted in her ability to manage the process and to motivate project teams. Her positive attitude and high energy is a bonus. During our flagship branch project (at Zorlu Center), Zeynep did a great job in analyzing customer experience trends and how Akbank could leverage the transformation in its branch design. The ‘PlayShop’ she held helped us create unique and strategic, developing a strategic framework for success, and creating concrete ideas for our new step forward. I recommend Zeynep to all professionals seeking for innovation and marketing initiatives that make a difference.”

Ayşegül Ögelman, Marketing Communications Manager at Akbank (İstanbul, Turkey)

Each time I have worked with Zeynep it has been an eye-opener for me. She is great expert on all marketing topics. She follows up the developments and trends that shape up our business world today. She is a great business partner to work with, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for innovative, marketing genius to work with great degree of enthusiasm, excitement, and commitment.”

Gökhan Cüceloğlu, Founder at SFG International Trading (İstanbul, Turkey)